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Mrs. Tammie Moreno

Mrs. Tammie Moreno is thrilled to be part of our team of Latin teachers as well as the third and fourth grade homeroom teacher at Samuel Fuller School. After graduating with a bachelor's degree in English Literature from Fitchburg State University, she spent many years in the finance/investment industry before having her son, Benjamin. For Tammie, it is such a blessing to now be fulfilling her lifelong dream to teach, and to be doing so at Samuel Fuller. She considers it a profound and joyful privilege to come alongside each of her students and nurture their love for learning and most importantly, their love for God. Tammie has a passion for great literature, for the discoveries of travel, and for the life she shares with her family.

What do you love most about teaching?

"The dawn of new knowledge, the triumph of a new skill, the glow of wisdom taking hold of a heart -- these are the greatest joys of teaching."

What are the things you look forward to most heading into a new school year?

"In addition to meeting my new students, I most look forward to seeing my students from the past year. It always amazes me to see how much they have grown and matured, not only in stature, but in their characters and in the ways of grace. Such growth is always what we hope for and intend as teachers and parents, but when it happens, it is nonetheless beautiful and gratifying to witness, despite the expectation - or even more so because of the expectation fulfilled!"

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