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Fine Arts

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Through the observation and experience of God’s created order, we discover and define what is beautiful. The fine arts help students to develop their observational and listening skills, to recognize and appreciate the beauty inherent in God’s creation, to reproduce that beauty visually and musically, and finally to become well acquainted with the rich artistic and musical heritage of Western culture.


In art, students progressively learn and practice the fundamentals of drawing, painting, and visual composition. Art is integrated throughout the curriculum as students learn to appreciate and understand important works of art, which are part of the historical period they are studying. 


Students learn to read music and comprehend the fundamentals of music theory. They use their musical knowledge by singing a repertoire of familiar songs, participating in musical productions, and singing joyfully and knowledgeably to the Lord on a regular basis. Music is also integrated throughout the curriculum as students learn to appreciate and identify historically significant musical compositions and their composers.


Through drama, students express truth, beauty, and goodness in a creative and physical way, developing their rhetoric skills as they learn to practice art in motion.

The 100 Dresses
Huck Finn
Stone Soup
Hansel and Gretel
Little Red Riding Hood
Tom and Aunt Polly
Little Red Riding Hood
Tom & Huck
Cactus Pass Jamboree
The Trial of Goldilocks
Tom Sawyer
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